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Real Property Tax Advisory, Management and Appeal Services
Often the single largest operating expense for any commercial, multifamily or development real estate, we have been successfully controlling property assessments and their corresponding property tax liabilities for over three decades.

Property Tax Management Services
  • Continuous review of current market conditions and property financial performance
  • Analysis of property tax mitigation
  • Owner or Property Manager advisory services on merit of appeal

Property Tax Appeal Services
  • Complete understanding and experience within each of our client’s taxing jurisdiction’s valuation, assessment and appeal process
  • Uniquely qualified for all commercial property types and property tax mitigation strategies for each property
  • Strong record in achieving reduced and / or fair property tax assessments year over year
  • Capable network of experienced real estate market, operational, development, appraisal, financing, financial and legal experts available to support each client’s appeal efforts as appropriate based on the specific property’s circumstance
  • Unparalleled reputation of integrity with taxing jurisdictions to provide accurate data and underlying support of each case, which combined with effective negotiations and propriety analysis result in reduced and/or fair assessed property values and corresponding reduction in property tax liability

Other Property Tax Support Services
  • Litigation support for court proceedings
  • Pre-development or pre-acquisition property tax liability analysis
  • Research and implementation of Non – Profit and other appropriate property tax exemptions
  • Review of other non ad-valorem property tax charges, typically charged with property tax invoices
  • Negotiations on behalf of property owners in pursuit of administrative errors by the taxing authority

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Vanguard Real Estate Tax Counseling and Administration