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March 9, 2010….Potomac, Maryland based Vanguard Realty Group could not be happier with their choice of “total solution” software programs. “Jenark truly allows for a near-seamless integration of other tools and products, so we are able to continue offering our clients the customized reporting they are used to receiving from Vanguard”, says Corporate Director of Accounting and Information Technology, Jonathan Santamaria.  Mr. Santamaria goes on to say, “the advantage with this software is that we can now offer it in a paperless environment, and in a much faster timeline, while eliminating any human error factors.”

An impressive example of the paperless environment achieved with Jenark was realized by Vanguard in Fall 2006, when they moved their offices from Bethesda to Potomac, Maryland. “Our new file room shrunk by 700 square feet. We had even more client information to maintain, yet because we were able to store so much of it electronically, we didn’t need all of our filing cabinets”, says Mr. Santamaria. Another example notes the number of express package shipments that no longer go back and forth from corporate to the 22 satellite Vanguard offices.

In August of 2009, Vanguard began the integration of NexusPayables, Accounts Payable automation software for electronic invoicing, into its process. Vanguard introduced Nexus Systems, Inc. to Jenark, which helped to establish a partnership between the two companies, ultimately resulting in the integration of NexusPayables into Jenark’s suite of products. With Corporate and Commercial Management fully integrated, Mr. Santamaria estimates Vanguard Residential and Vanguard Engineering and Energy Services to be fully-integrated by April 2010. “This enhances not only our financial reporting efficiency, but also our green initiatives”, says Mr. Santamaria.

Mr. Santamaria goes on to say, “The greatest misconception about selecting a tool such as Jenark is the expense absorbed by a company. Combining efficient, timely information into an eco-friendly environment, while augmenting client satisfaction, is money well spent. New applications can be easily implemented in the future, which allows Vanguard to provide clients with a state-of-the-art system, and its corporate professionals with an efficient system for getting their job done.”

Mr. Santamaria is honored to have been selected for the Jenark User Group Board of Directors, commencing in June, 2010.

Jenark Information contact: Jonathan Santamaria | Director, Accounting and Information Technology