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20 volunteers served the dinners, bussed tables and had the honor of sitting down to chat with some of the soldiers and their families.  One story recanted by a volunteer....One  soldier in particular caused me to appreciate how our simple effort makes such a difference in the lives of these families.  This wounded warrior was there with his two young boys and his wife who was expecting their third child. As they were finishing dessert and while he was explaining to his son that three desserts were enough, he told me how much this dinner meant to him and his family. That this was their family Thanksgiving Dinner.  As he held out his hand to thank me, you could see the pain in his face that this simple movement caused him, but he wanted to express his thanks.
Due to the generousity of many sponsors, we were also able to donate several items to the hospital, to include five Samsung Galaxy Tablets, one Samsung digital video camera, two $50 NFL gift cards, and several iTunes and food gift cards. We also received donations from the Washington Redskins, to include a Chris Cooley signed football, a number of shirts, jackets, and Redskinettes posters.  Thank you to all sponsors who helped make this night possible. We could not have done this without you: High Point Catering, ProMark Real Estate Services, LLC, The Bernstein Companies, Korth Construction, Baier Properties, Shady Grove Radiology, Stanford Properties, The Brick Companies, Bregman, Berbert Schwartz & Gilday, LLC, Choice Concrete, The Washington Redskins Organization, Harris Teeter, Zoe's, Dave Edwards (ASHP), The Fauquier Family, and a very special thank you to the students at Flower Valley Elementary School for the lovingly made cards. 

Thank You Everyone, and Happy Holidays!