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On October 2nd, 2010, nearly 500 volunteers came out in support of DCBIA's 18th Annual Community Improvement Day, and helped add 15,000 trees and plants, as well as aesthetic features, to the Metropolitan Branch Trail located in Ward 5's Edgewood neighborhood.

An otherwise damp and rainy week made way for a gloriously sunny Saturday on October 2nd, bringing nearly 500 volunteers to DC's Edgewood neighborhood in Ward 5, for the DCBIA's 18th Annual Community Improvement Day.  Without the volunteer efforts of particpating companies and their employees, the project would have cost over $750,000. 
The DCBIA's tireless efforts in coordinating the event paid off- 15,000 plants and trees were integrated along the trail, retaining walls were built , and unique features were added throughout the trail. 

Neighborhood bicyclists made it through the rain-filled week, anxious for the trail to open so they could ride.  Their patience with the crowd of volunteers was truly appreciated, and the "wow"s we heard as the trail re-opened provided all we needed to know.  Vanguard-managed Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center was home base for the event, with registration tents, lunch tents, and a blocked off parking lot to ensure that the work trucks, equipment, and materials could get to the trail with minimal effort.  The tenants in the shopping center embraced the event; many of them participating as much as possible throughout the day. 

It was great to see such a beautiful trail, with the Capitol as a backdrop, get such well-deserved attention.  Thanks DCBIA!